Engelska 9:an v. 13-14

  1. We follow up  strategies how to search for the meaning of words (handout).
  2. We follow up grammar handout it/there.
  3. Together we look at some examples of glosor.eu wordlists from the newspaper article.
  4. We read the text The whole truth – or just a yolk?
  5. We work in pairs, reading and telling two-jokes.
  6. Listening exercises ( 1)
  7. We create our own listening exercises in groups of three:
    a) Choose one talk each of these ones: 1+ 2 + 3 (English subtitles only in Puffin).
    b) Look at ”your” video clip and prepare a quiz of five questions, with three alternative answers to choose from. Log into drive on the web and create a google form to make your quiz. Then , E-mail your quiz  to the other group members for them to take.
  8. We read about the pilot suspected of having deliberately crashed the plane. Write a dialogue with an interviewer and interviewee (for example one of the pilot’s colleagues, relatives, friends, maybe his girlfriend or an expert in flying security, etc). Act it out using keywords! News article!

Before we start with this week’s  (14) activities we will have a look at what is coming up soon. The English national tests are getting closer and here you can practise reading, listening and writing. Here are even some more exercises, if you want to practise writing (Puffin). Below are the dates for the tests.

Onsdagen  22 april 2015          90 min (reading) + rast ca. 30 min + 45-50 min (listening)

Fre 24 april 2015                        80 min (writing)

Remember to be on time for the tests and not to stay up late the night before!

Läxa fredag v. 13:  Newspaper article + glosor.eu + Quizlet + it/there phrases

Läxa fredag v 16: News article + glosor.eu + Quizlet