Engelska 7:an v. 16


  1. What have you done during your holidays? Write down a few lines and tell the other group members in turns.
  2. We follow up the reading comprehension test.
  3. We continue working with the text Easy Money + pp. 52-55: 7a-7g (Mappen Exercises + Dokument Easy Money + your name). Rätta i facit.
  4. Study my comments on your text about Stone Fox! Improve your text! If anything is unclear, please ask me for help!
  5. We read, translate and discuss Rex saved my life, p. 56.
  6. We work with pp. 58-61: 8a-7g (Mappen Exercises + Dokument Rex saved my life + your name). Rätta i facit.

Homework on Wednesday week 16: Gör utdelat arbetsblad, Michael Johnson – his feet never touched the ground.

Homework on Wednesday week 17: Texten Rex saved my life + glosor.eu + Quizlet

Homework on Wednesday week 18: Läsförståelse 3 och 4!