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Engelska 9:an v. 8

Welcome back after your winter holiday  break!'-Well,if you break your legs don't come running to me!'

Before the break we saw the film Invictus depicting one of the greatest role models of our times, President Nelson Mandela. He stood up for the national rugby team, the Springboks which were considered the team of white South Africa. His goal was to make the team win the World Cup in 1985. He reckoned that this achievement could bring his racially divided country together. With the motto, ”One team, One Country”, the team succeeded in winning the World Cup against all odds.


  1. We prepare our role model presentations. Click here to get the lesson plan!
  2. Lyrics training.


Here are the dates for the English National Tests 

Speaking A                               week 11                         ca. 15- 25 min/par eller elevgrupp
Reading/Listening B              ons 22 april                  90 min + rast ca. 30 min + 45-50 min
Writing C                                   fre 24 april                    80 min


Engelska 9:an v. 6

Today we are starting a new theme, which we are going to work with for the coming weeks. We are going to learn how to make the perfect speech. The topic will be ROLE MODELS. All of us have someone we look up to and has been important to us. Your task is to write a speech about this person. The speech will then be held in smaller groups or if you wish in class.

Activities (weeks 6-10):

  • We watch this video clip about what to think of.
  • Read and follow this lesson plan how to prepare a speech about role models.
  • Make use of this example how linking words can improve fluency.

Läxa fredag v. 6: Finish off handouts about neither … nor and phrasal verbs.

Engelska 9:an v. 5

Activities  Friday:

  1. We follow up capitalisation.
  2. We will continue in our speaking groups and we are going to use an old National Test. This time try to vary your vocabulary by using  some new phrases for conversation.
  3. We work with either … or and neither … nor and phrasal verbs.
  4. We read two texts Scary Talent, pp. 110-111 and Fifteen Minutes of Fame, pp. 106-107.

Hello 9th-graders!

While you have been working at school we have had the opportunity to visit the BETT-conference in London, which I’ve told you about. BETT is short for British Educational Learning and Technology Show. But luckily the shops are open in the evenings, so we had time for some shopping as well. Have a look at the video clip!


Engelska 9:an v. 4

In your responses (up to now) many of you have written that you want to practise speaking, therefore we are going to work with this a lot during some weeks now. Also, some of you wrote that you want to finish a theme by watching a film. Some of the topics that were mentioned were Australia, Great Britain, environment and media.

Some of you want to work with grammar, pronunciation, words and workbook exercises, whereas some of you want quite the opposite. In order to please everybody as much as possible we suppose we have to try to have it both ways. Anyway, we are glad that most of you feel that you are improving your English skills.


  1. We start off by reading two texts (Charles p. 47 and The Face on the Milk Carton p. 60 in What’s Up 9. You work in pairs and read one text each. After reading, you briefly tell each other about your texts and then finally you read the text you didn’t read before. In this way we practise both reading and speaking.
  2. Next you are going to work in your speaking groups with flashcards.
  3. Exercises on capitalisation + (handouts).
  4. More reading practice (handouts-advanced) or What´s Up 9 pp. 88-90 and workbook pp. 88-89.
    I won’t be here on Friday, but you continue working with the activities above, and a supply teacher will be here. There will be a short follow-up on capital letters on Monday.

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